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Golf Pro

Golf Pro electrostimulators is one of the tools of fundamental importance for the amateur and professional golf players who wants to improve his/her performance.
$650.00 $599.00

Cycling Pro

Developed at the side of the best athletes in the world of road cycling, track cycling and mountain biking. Cycling Pro is the electrostimulator was created to be a partner for those who live on the pedals. The CYCLING PRO electrostimulator is a device dedicated to cyclists who want to feel good and feel healthy during their cycling activity.
$599.00 $499.00

Triathlon Pro

Triathlon Pro is an electrostimulator that includes not only a wide range of sport, fitness, beauty and medical programs but also a series of specific programs aimed to improve the physical performance of triathletes.

Premium Fitness

Globus Premium Fitness eletrostimulators is intended to stimulate the healthy muscle in order to improve preformance, power or relax.
The GLOBUS family of products is designed to provide you with the best and most efficient ways to achieve your every training need, be it increased muscle strength, endurance or even muscle power.
GLOBUS sports line allows you to achieve the best of your sports performance in the shortest possible time.
Faster Recovery
Recovery has become the critical point for both performance and rehabilitation. That's why GLOBUS produces portable, state-of-the-art handsets so you can perform better on your recovery.
Reduce Pain
Pain cannot limit us to a full life. Thus, the GLOBUS medical line is designed to reduce your pains whether acute or chronic, allowing you to enjoy life and train better.