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Genesy 1100

Genesy 1100 eletrostimulators is mostly indicated for the treatment of pain, for the healing of tissues and for the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction.


Genesy 3000

This last-generation Professional Electrostimulator was developed to implement its potential uses in the medical, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy fields. 423 PROGRAMS • 53 Sport • 29 Fitness •16 Beauty •11 Rehabilitation •33 Pain •23 Microcurrents •9 Interferentials •236 Electrotherapy Menu (Ems – Russian)

$1,500.00 $1,400.00

Physioplate My Gold

Globus Physioplate My Gold is the ideal vibration platform for rehabilitation treatments and sports, but it is also very good for fitness and beauty treatments. The neuromechanical vibration is extremely effective on all tissues and structures of the human body: - neuromuscular system - movement - cartilage - bones - hormonal system - neurotransmitters

$9,450.00 $8,125.00

Genesy 1500

Top professional electro-stimulator equipped with all the currents used in the medical, rehabilitation, and sports fields. 4 Channels, 414 programs for every type of need, EMS, MICROCURRENTS, INTERFERENTIAL, AND RUSSIAN CURRENT.