PhD. Joseph Signorile - University of Miami

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Kineo Intelligent Load (KIL) is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in our laboratory.
The ability to easily program different loads and velocities during the concentric and eccentric phases
of a resistance exercise has, until now, not been feasible, given the practical limitations presented by
the need for multiple spotters and manually changing the loads at the top and bottom of each
repetition. The KIL has completely changed all of this. Additionally, the easy-to-use computer
interface provides us with detailed information regarding force, power, and velocity for each
repetition throughout the complete range of motion, information that is nearly impossible to collect
using traditional resistance training equipment. The KIL has greatly enhanced our laboratory’s
capacity to conduct research into the science of strength training as it provides unique overloading
patterns with comprehensive results from its on-board software. The KIN is a remarkable piece of
equipment for research scientists, physical therapists and discerning coaches wishing to try new
training protocols and to track athletes’ progress.

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